"Wet T-shirt Contest" is a currently unproduced Taco Bell commercial written by Unwinder as a freelance project.[1] It is uncertain whether he has shown the script to anyone other than Horse-Man, who did not receive it favorably.

The full script of this commercial is not yet known. As a result, much of the information below is speculative, based on what little information has been revealed. Use caution in depending on this.

Characters (in order of appearance)Edit

  • Blond
  • Brunette
  • Nick
  • Captain Taco


Two hip young women have a wet T-shirt contest, using a mixture of Mountain Dew Baja Blast and beef tacos. The blond one wins. Nick is excited by these events, which could only have happened at Taco Bell.


  • The character of Nick is based on Unwinder.
  • This commercial can be seen as a thematic sequel to "Chugging Contest", though the girls are not necessarily the same ones.