Unwinder Himlakropp
Name Unwinder Himlakropp
Hometown Garen, Minnesota
First Appearance March 20, 2008
Webcomics Unwinder's Tall Comics

Unwinder Himlakropp is a young blue boy who lives in Garen, Minnesota. Whether or not he is an alien or just Swedish is unclear ("himlakropp" means "heavenly body" in Swedish). He is Mildred's boyfriend. His business card states he is a "Career Criminal (and indie musician)".[1]

Unwinder tries to act cool and stay on top of pop culture. He has a lot of ideas, which are not necessarily good. He is also very opinionated.

Unwinder's best friend is Barbecue Sauce. Barbecue Sauce's devotion to Unwinder doesn't stop Unwinder from being a total jerk to him [2]. Unwinder also befriends Horse-Man, who he values for his apparent connections to entertainment industry.[3]

When Unwinder upsets his parents (who are never seen), he gets chained to a stake outside of his house. [4]



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