Tokyo Delta Jetlag D is an action/drama animé series watched by Unwinder.[1] His main reaction to it was speculating on slash pairings. Barbecue Sauce is a big fan of the anime and the manga, and he dresses up as Jaded Lament for Harvest Festival, complete with Katagun made out of sculpey.[2]

Unwinder illegally downloaded Delta Tokyo Jetlag D after an online quiz recommended it. In keeping with his anti-subtitle attitude[3], Unwinder chose to watch the English dub of the series.

The anime is set in alternate-universe New Zealand. However in the manga it's kind of different. [4]

Major CharactersEdit

  • Jaded Lament: A brooding hero who takes up his Katagun, "a katana handle that shoots bullets that loop around in a blade-shaped arc," to oppose the evil Emperor Killmore.
  • Emperor Killmore: An evil emperor possessed by a demon. He commands a formidable army. He is currently in possession of one of the most powerful Kataguns ever made, the Sho-gun.
  • Colonel Gunarm: One of Emperor Killmore's strongest followers, Colonel Gunarm has a powerful gun implanted into his right arm.
  • Colonel Meathook: he kills someone who he assumed to be Jaded's only friend, but Jaded didn't even know that guy. He has meathooks for both of his arms.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You've let the Pandora out of its box!!" — Gunarm, after Jaded attempted to defeat him but only unleashed the Pandora (possibly metaphorically).

"You never really understood, did you? The day of your defeat is the hour of your failure." — Jaded

Behind the ScenesEdit

Much of the writing for Tokyo Delta Jetlag D was by Jeremiah Humphries.[5]