Chad Wilson
Name Chad Wilson
Hometown Garen, Minnesota
First Appearance November 23, 2008
Relatives Alix Darrinkle (maybe?)
Webcomics Powerup Comics

Chad Wilson aka Shadow aka Shadman is a teenager living in Garen, Minnesota. He is mainly known as a co-creator of Powerup Comics together with his friend Chug. He is a big fan of videogames, and Halo in particular. However his gaming skills are in question after a complete newbie Dr. Minivan managed to beat him [1].

In the Powerup Comic spinoff, Powerup Adventure!, an unseen character named Elijah Parkiah makes a prophesy . Presumably the prophet's name is based on Eli Parker.

Despite his apparent stupidity, Shadow has shown a surprising knowledge of art and history. For instance, in the title of one comic , he references Picasso's Guernica.

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