Dr. John Minivan

Dr. Minivan with his natural hair

Name Dr. John Minivan
Hometown Garen, Minnesota
First Appearance April 25, 2008

Dr. John Minivan is a scientist living in Garen, Minnesota. He is named "Scientist of the Year" by Man of Science magazine for his research on "Redundant Youtube gag gene" [1]. Another of his contributions to science is demonstrated when he drinks Dr. Siringo's hair loss formula to test whether it causes permanent loss of hair in humans (it does).[2] After he became completely bald, he had to get new hair implanted in Swine Tattoos and Piercing!.[3]

Dr. Minivan gets really nervous when he gets in unfamiliar situations, so he tries to avoid them. For example, he wouldn't buy higher quality gasoline when it costs the same as the one he usually chooses.[4] Recently it has been revealed that provoking Dr. Minivan is not a good idea, as he manages to beat Shadow in a match of Halo.[5]

There's one issue of "Dr. Minivan's Tall Comics" where he is the main character: #31.

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