"Chugging Contest" is a currently unproduced Taco Bell commercial written by Unwinder as a freelance project.[1] It is uncertain whether he has shown the script to anyone other than Horse-Man, who did not receive it favorably.

Characters (in order of appearance)Edit

  • Nick
  • Chris
  • Blond
  • Brunette


Two hip young men have a chugging contest, drinking a mixture of Mountain Dew Baja Blast and beef tacos. Nick wins. The girls they are with are excited by these events, and, as the commercial comes to a close, are struck with an idea for a contest of their own.


  • The character of Nick is based on Unwinder.
  • This commercial can be seen as a thematic prequel to "Wet T-shirt Contest".
  • Although this commercial has been criticized as sexist for the portrayal of the female characters, who don't even receive names, it does pass the Bechdel Test, in that the two girls talk to each other about a wet T-shirt contest.
  • Sonty Mick spied on the script of this commercial.